Date: July 10, 2019 at 11:37 AM
Subject: Club Pass Policy Effective Fall 2019 Season
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To all clubs, teams, and coaches:

RE: Final decision regarding the use of player club passes.


Club passes were instituted by the league to assist teams and clubs with the need to field a team when injuries, short term availability, participation in other sports, or unanticipated numerical issues from registration presented themselves. CPYSL had found that the practice of secondary players became a concern from several standpoints, one as primary coaches were not being made aware of player being secondary on another team, two the short notice teams that sometimes occurred could not get approval in time for a match by requesting secondary status, and third the cost reduction for teams from having to pay the EPYSA fee for secondary play.


The policy of club passes was initiated to help smaller clubs participate with their limited registration to field teams and encourage maximum participation by providing a deeper pool to pull players up in short notice to assist in fielding teams on a weekly basis. The practice was to allow lower level & younger players to move up to be challenged while supporting other club teams as a club pass player role. This policy was never meant to be a full-time tool for teams to field a complete team and certainly was not meant for coaches to undermine the divisions in place by having players to move down and show off their skill set to players who are participating at a lower division level.

The practice of bringing upper level player into a lower level team also undermines the divisions we have instituted in our Competition Meeting to have equal teams playing competitively, with this practice a weaker team would show a synthetic positive win-loss record that realistically they would not enjoy without these upper level teams participating, and eventually the synthetic record can effect where teams are placed into the next season.


Effective July 5th to be adhered to for the Fall 2019 and subsequent seasons the recognition of the club pass policy shall be players can only be moved up in age or level to compete in a higher-level match as a club pass player without restriction. All club pass players must be a rostered player in CPYSL and their name must be added (handwritten addition okay) on the official EPYSA team roster given to the referee with the CPYSL score card prior to match.


James Conners, President CPYSL
EPYSA Coaching Education
Posted Jun 24, 2019


Soccer Coaches in the US
Posted Jul 11, 2019

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